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Welcome to Digital Ecosystems Expo 2022


Shanghai New International Expo Center

Digital Ecosystems Expo 2022 will focus on digital integration and industrial applications, covering topics such as business software, PLM, MES, logistics IT, digital platforms and cloud solutions, IT security, AR and VR, energy management solutions, AI and 5G infrastructure. Being crucial to industrial transformation, digital technology is extended throughout all other areas of Digital Future Show 2022 and will be the biggest shiny spot in the core area of the exhibition.

Digital Ecosystems Expo 2022 is a new digital technology exhibition launched by Shanghai Forever Exhibition CO.,LTD. in the field of new information, communication and digital technology, which is dedicated to promoting the completion of digital projects, attracting new investments and developing new business models. Moreover, it is a platform for start-ups and SMEs to use their innovative products to exploit market, and also a platform for your digital transformation business interlink in various fields. 

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