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Both the system safety and the scenario application of digital technologies must be sustainable and contribute to climate protection and carbon neutrality. Therefore, FE does not focus only on the area of traditional automotive manufacturing (AMTS project), but considers the whole picture starting from smart factories, to smart parks, and finally smart energy.

As part of FE's new development for the next 18 years, Digital Future Show 2022 is a new exhibition for digital systems, digital security and industrial applications launched by FE. The exhibition debut will be held on July 28-30, 2022 in Shanghai New International Expo Center. This first Show includes forums, exhibitions and digital application results demonstrations, aiming to promote scenario application digital tools to provide a more systematic, sustainable and secure industrial upgrade and transformation solution for industry and scenario applications.

This Show covers 5G, AI, IOT, sensor technology, big data and other products containing abundant trends and opportunities in the three major fields, that are, information consumption, substantial economy and livelihood service, which represent digital technologies cross-border cooperation and technology integration. The exhibition contains three main themes: digital systems, digital security and digital applications. The digital application exhibition is shown based in fifteen application scenarios such as ports, parks, airports, power plants, steel mills, energy, etc., and also focuses on the industrial digital technology and upgrade applications in different fields, with target audience including experts from municipal government authorities, planning authorities and information centers, excellent suppliers, integrators, corporate users and also engineering producers, property managers, distributors, logistics companies, repair and maintenance, and home consumers.


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Date: July 28-30, 2022

Add: Shanghai New International Expo Center