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Digital Tech Conference 2022

Digital Tech Conference 2022 is a platform to promote the industrial upgrading and technological innovation of enterprises. It has been successfully held four times since 2020.

The previous sessions of Digital Tech Conference have had 400 exhibitors including Huawei, Unicom, IME Future, Siemens, etc., with a total number of attendees reached 13,000. Half of the lecture givers are from Huawei, Alibaba, Unicom, Siemens and other flagship enterprises in the field of digital technology, while the other half are technical experts from EPLAN, MINO, TalentCloud and other platform ecological solution companies, bringing together digitalization decision makers and engineering technicians of many domestic and foreign industries and enterprises in the fields of metallurgy, electric power, automotive, ports, aviation, logistics, medical, etc.

Digital Tech Conference 2022 will invite high quality and accurate entrepreneurs to share digital practice cases, showcase digital innovation capabilities of technology companies, and control digital trends and directions. Looking forward to meet you at Digital Tech Conference 2022, where digitalization is everyone’s purpose, collaboration can be implemented within the ecosystem and partnership can be empowered!