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Our Service Concept and Core Value: Fully integrated event solutions

We are event service integrator providing a fully integrated event solution.

As a comprehensive service provider and an overall strategy to streamline the customer service process, in the next few years, we will focus on service range from providing pre-event marketing and on-site event experience to data analysis-based event customization and post-event communication. We offer these professional marketing services to help exhibitors reach their targeted audience. In addition, we also integrate strategic, creative and technical solutions to help exhibitors achieve their event goals and objectives. We are no longer limited to services such as setups and dismantling, designing and hanging guide signs and banners, carpeting, cargo transportation and the basic furniture rental services required to provide booths/stands.

Our team brings together researchers and strategists, digital & interactive media experts, event management professionals, data analysts and strong creative teams, exhibition marketing experts and training consultants, logistics planning experts, and we work together to make your event participation efficient & easier. We will firmly believe that we could offer you a seamless solution like never before.

We hope that through our services, we will ensure the continued success of our clients, and through our comprehensive integrated event marketing approach, we will work together to create a more engaging personalized customer success experience journey.